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Written by Dr. David Michael Martin

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When I go to read a book, what I look for is the writing. I like to see if the book was written well. Many authors can write a book, but is the writing good. It all depends on the reader of course, but if a book is written well, the reader will enjoy the book so much more. Of course having a good story line is important as well, but even a good story line is improved if the writing is good. The ability of the writer to express oneself in an enjoyable manner to bring entertainment to others is the goal of anyone who travels the road of the written word from short story to book form to being published.

Here’s a wonderful book that is set in the northeast, Maine actually. The time period is 1973. Three men on a fishing trip to Maine. The book is divided into 3 parts:

THE EVENT (May 1973):

Three long-time friends, John, Meech and Hoxie, have decided to take a trip for some trout fishing in Maine’s remote Moosehead wilderness. John is hoping that the trip will be conciliatory after learning of the resentment Meech has for Hoxie over Meech’s breakup with his wife, since it was John who was secretly in love with Meech’s wife for years. The animosity between them ignites when Meech, high on his own ego, kills a huge bull moose that was the embodiment of the wilderness spirit for John and Hoxie.
A confrontation between the three of them and a game warden results in murder. John, Meech and Hoxie create an unhallowed unity of secrecy and return to New Jersey while the town of Greenville mourns the death of the game warden.

Well, this was a very well written part. The writer puts the reader in touch with the wilderness. What better to do in the wilderness of Maine then fishing and enjoying nature. The three men actually have a very good time, but the antagonism shows its ugly side.

THE INVESTIGATION (May-October 1973):

The focus shifts to the town of Greenville impacted by the disappearance of the game warden. He may have run out on his pregnant wife Sarah, but evidence points to the likelihood of foul play. Suspicion lights upon Byron Trask, a timber company executive who has been carrying on an affair with Sarah while plotting to get rid of her husband (in circumstances that dovetail into what really has happened).

The investigation here is quite good. Stay with the author as he uses a good amount of logic to solve this disappearance.

And we have

THE AFTERMATH (October 1973):

John Mason, safe at home in New Jersey, is suffering pangs of conscience over the death of the game warden. He decides to return to Maine to find out what has happened since.

What will John Mason find upon his return? This write up leaves you with just a bit of suspense. The ingenuity of that author here is very good. I would say each section is written very well. For anyone who likes a good read, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

It’s a good read, well written with ingenuity and some moderate suspense; does contain some adult language.

WINTER SOON by David Michael Martin

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